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Collegium of World Judges

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The Provisional World Parliament calls for a Provisional Collegium of World Judges to observe and decide on world social questions that are of world jurisdiction, to begin the integration of the World Supreme Court System.

In the view of many renowned jurists, the jurisdiction of a judge emerges not from the edict of a king, but rather from the law. The law is universal. As social constructs less than the whole of human existence cannot be universal, a social construct comprising the whole of human existence has to base itself on these fundamental laws of world order. Such jurists say that the imperative of world jurisdiction emerges from universal law, not from any claim of power. Therefore it might be legally incorrect to say: “All possible remedies at lower jurisdiction must be exhausted before acting at the world jurisdiction.”

As the world jurisdiction is there, and as many jurists affirm that the world jurisdiction is a primordial function of true law, affirmation and empowerment of such world jurisdiction is ethical, legal, and responsible.

Judges who see the truth of this have the opportunity to participate in the emerging Collegium of World Judges. Retired justices are particularly in demand, as judges of the Collegium are asked to devote themselves to pressing world cases and circumstances. Justices presently sitting in various active jurisdictions are requested to pledge their support for judges entering the Collegium, and to do all they can to support the Collegium without neglecting their current cases.


Please click the link above to fill out the membership form.  Return to any one office or person:

Dr. Glen T. Martin, 313 Seventh Ave., Radford, VA, 24141, USA. Email:  Fax: +540639-2320.

  1. Saraswathy Devi, Advocates and Solicitors Malaya, No. 47, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 603-2142-8075.  Email:

Lic. Celina Garcia, WCPA Vice-President for Latin America.  Email:  Tel: +506-2234-0524.


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